About MySchool MyParent and I

MySchool MyParent and I is a cloud - based school management platform specially designed for nursery, primary and secondary schools for effective administration, learning, teaching, collaboration and monitoring. MSMPI covers every aspect of school operations and ensure everyone work in a secure and safe environment.

MSMPI as an Administrative Tool

MSMPI is an administrative tool carefully designed to cater for all aspect of school administrative operation.

Who can use MSMPI?

MSMPI is designed for stakeholders such as School Proprietors, Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents/Guardians.

MSMPI as Cloud-Based ERP Solution

MSMPI is an integrated web based platform for school management.

Our Approach

We Listen | We Customize | We Deploy | We Train | We Support

Why School Management Platform (MSMPI) ?

We are living in information age where effective school management system and learning technology should be built into public education standard. In this digital age, schools are transiting from traditional way of handling administrative and academic process to using technology to get work done . MySchool MyParent and I emerged to reduced administrative and academic work load of schools in order to increase efficiency in administration, teaching, collaboration and monitoring.

We have simplified difficulties Head of Schools, Proprietors,Principals and Teachers encountered in managing their schools by offering our leading platform. MySchool MyParent and I - an effective tool for school management and a unified platform for school administration.